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Cybertron Academy

In this project, we embarked on a journey to revamp and establish a robust digital presence for a prominent training consultancy. The aim was to enhance their visibility, accessibility, and credibility through the development of a modern and user-friendly website, along with complementary digital assets.

ExpertsHub Portfolio - Cybertron Academy webisite
ExpertsHub Portfolio - Cybertron Academy - Laptop Background
ExpertsHub Portfolio - Cybertron Academy - Collaterals

For this project, we crafted an impactful rebranding strategy designed to captivate learners' interest on a deeper level. We have built new and dynamic visual guidelines that integrate every asset and touchpoint into the Cybertron Academy's universe, making the learners feel like they are part of it.

We presented three distinct logo options, each embodying a unique concept - adventurous, innovative, and fun. This process makes it easier for the brand to identify the visual theme and style that best serves its goals. Below are some of the examples we provided.

Chosen concept: Adventurous

Colour selections were made, and the primary colours were red, to symbolise Opticons and purple, to represent Decepticons. These colors were effortlessly combined and introduced as gradient. This exemplifies the core value of Cybertron Academy, where everyone is treated equally regardless of whether they are an Opticon or a Decepticon.

Development of Branding Collaterals

Logo Development and Design:
We aimed to honour the vibrant Cybertron world from Transformers. We carefully crafted a logo, ensuring it fits well with today's modern style - keeping things simple and straightforward.

We provided the design for the materials that both learners and staff would use throughout their stay at Cybertron Academy such as t-shirts, ID cards and stationery items.

Website Development

As part of our main focus, we developed a website that explores into TFMX and the diverse range of courses offered by Cybertron Academy. Our primary objective was to strike a balance between providing valuable information while incorporating an engaging and captivating concept.

Highlights within the TFMX Framework:

Every attempt by a learner to construct the robot leads to diverse methods of accomplishment, resulting in a unique journey for each individual. The design elements, including dots and points (as depicted in the image on the right), symbolise the learner's dynamic progression throughout their learning journey.

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