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Singapore Glass Association

In this project, we embarked on a journey to revamp and establish a robust digital presence for a prominent training consultancy. The aim was to enhance their visibility, accessibility, and credibility through the development of a modern and user-friendly website, along with complementary digital assets.

ExpertsHub Portfolio - sga - lantern festival
ExpertsHub Portfolio - SGA-CNY
ExpertsHub Portfolio - SGA-new year message
ExpertsHub Portfolio - SGA-christmas message

We want to achieve both professionalism and lightheartedness through the design. The infusion of

blue-green tones added a calming yet refreshing visual touch, while further reinforcing the connection to the

glass industry.

With a profound understanding of the brand's identity, we visually encapsulate its core values. The concept of glass shards, symbolic of transparency and innovation, was woven into each design. This theme not only paid homage to the company’s industry standing but also established a strong resonance with its target audience.

ExpertsHub Portfolio - SGA-Carousell
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