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SX Express

We believe that a brand's visual identity is essential in building a connection. That's why we've given the logo a fresh new look. It represents their dedication to connectivity, love, and reliability. The vibrant colours and contemporary design reflect our commitment to staying ahead while remaining true to who they are.

Expertshub Portfolio - SX Express - Website 1

We've drawn inspiration from recent events highlighting the emotional impact of sending packages as symbols of love and care. Every package that's sent carries not just items but a piece of their heart, bridging distances and fostering connections. Hence, the new branding tagline, "Spread love today. Send a parcel with us!" captures the very essence of their mission—to be a conduit of love and emotions.

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Expertshub Portfolio - SX Express - Website 2

In this globalised world, we recognise the importance of catering to diverse needs. That's why our rebranding efforts prioritise not only local services but also international communities. Whether sending a parcel within the country or across borders to destinations like Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, or China, our reliable, efficient and secure parcel delivery services are here to ensure your loved ones receive your care and essentials with utmost care.

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